The conference will be held at:

City Hall Bückeburg, Helicopter Museum Bückeburg and Bückeburg Castle (Forum banquet)
All locations are only a minute' walk from each other.

Helicoptermuseum Bückeburg

Sablé-Platz 6 | 31675 Bückeburg (Germany)
General info of the Museum:

Welcome to the Helicopter Museum Bückeburg and thus to a world that tells about the dream of flying in a completely new way on more than 2,500 m² of exhibition space: With morethan 50 original large helicopters, Girocopters, etc., that not only tell a stroy of fascinating technology and its breathtaking development, but above all of the people behind it.
Are you ready for a sightseeing flight? Then let us take you to the world of vertical flight: Where nature was the godfather and inspired people from the most diverse backgrounds to create visions of vertical take-offs. Experience the beginning of the helicopter age - from the initial short aerial jump to the first successful vertical ascent.
Delve into the depths of engineering and learn how to put theory into practice. Get to know the leading companies with their creative minds as well as the tinkerers and hobbyists whose inventions made crazy but also innovative ideas take off.
Get a glimpse into the lives of people for whom helicopters are part of everyday life, and lastly take a look into the future of what is still possible and feasible.
So: Take off - we wish you a pleasant flight!

City Hall Bückeburg

Marktplatz 2-4 | 31675 Bückeburg (Germany)

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