Technical Visit

International Helicopter Training Center
(close to Bückeburg)

Friday, 8 September 2023
Registration will be required! - Further information will follow soon.

The International Helicopter Training Centre is the central institution of the Bundeswehr to provide basic military helicopter pilot training for Army, Air Force, Navy and international flight students, as well as weapon system-specific flight training and aircraft maintenance training on the tactical transport helicopter NH90 and the attack helicopter TIGER. In order to conduct its training mission, the International Helicopter Training Centre boasts an integrated training system unique within Europe, consisting of conventional teaching, computer-assisted training, simulation, and real flight. Basic and advanced helicopter flight training is provided with the help of a highly modern, highly technologised teaching infrastructure with, at its core, computer classrooms and 14 cockpit procedure trainers and full-mission simulators at the Bückeburg garrison and 4 of the same located in France. The high quality of the simulators (EC 135) at the Bückeburg Simulator Centre is distinctly underlined by their long use by multiple national and international third-party customers.

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